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The clip-on toilet seat, hygienic & Made in France

Papado was created after realizing that cleaning toilets is unpleasant, difficult and sometimes long to do thoroughly.
Agnès, a mother, studied the subject. After many sketches, prototypes and trial pieces, the Papado toilet seat and flap were created in 2011 and now have been installed in more than 50 000 toilets in France. Recognized as being functional and hygienic, the Papado toilet seat has been adopted by hygiene professionals and households who saw in this product the simple, solid and practical solution!
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Without any screws needed, Papado clip and unclips itself in one go for an easy washing of your toilets in just 30 seconds.
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Stable & resistant

Ecologically made in Polypropylene, it can support up to 150 kg and the clips insures perfect stability.
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The Papado toilet seat exists in 9 lid colors & more than 30 choices of stickers.
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Made in France

Cocoricooo! Papado was invented & is manufactured in Normandy (and this will never change!)

How to choose your Papado toilet seat?

For 85% of toilets, the seats and lids are classic size. However, it is important to check 2 small details:

• The length and width of your toilet
• The length and width of the holes on your toilet

A recognized, several times prize winning system.

The Papado toilet seat and its inventor, Agnès Lowe, were awarded at the Concours Lepine Invention contest in Paris with a silver medal & a gold medal at the Strasbourg European fair in 2013. Agnès was also elected « Best woman inventor in 2014 » by the International Organization for Intellectual Industrial Property at the Paris Fair.

Her invention was also featured in several television shows and specialized press articles.

Not bad hey?