Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose your Papado toilet seat?

For 85% of toilets, the seats and lids are classic size. However, it is important to check 2 small details:

• The length and width of your toilet
• The length and width of the holes on your toilet

A few details are important to check before hand:

The width where your toilet is the largest must be between 35 and 37cm? It's OK  !

The MINIMUM length of your toilet must be 47cm? If that’s all OK, well your toilet can happily have a Papado seat, but if it’s smaller unfortunately our system won’t fit.

WARNING: Some toilets on stands (not suspended that means) parallel-edge shaped need a Large Model in order for the system to fit, you will find them HERE.

IMPORTANT TO CHECK: Some toilets have a lightbulb shape when you look at them from above, some have a U shape, with parallel edges. Therefore, it is important to check their size just by measuring the width of the back of the toilet.

If the width is less than29,8cm :   Choose the Classic Papado Model!
If the width ismore than à 30cm :  Choose the Large Papado Model!

If you have this type of edge on your suspended toilets, please contact us!

How to apply a Sticker?

Spray some window cleaner or soapy water on the toilet seat, don’t dry it and place the Sticker directly on it, this way it won’t stick immediately giving you the chance to position it correctly first. Then use a plastic card to scrape the sticker, thus evacuating the fluid and making it stick. Work it from the center towards the outer sides of the sticker by turning the card in small circles. Wipe away the excess product as it runs out off from the sticker on the edges of the seat. Make sure there are no air bubbles using the same technique with the plastic card.

A problem with the stability of your Papado seat?

Here’s the solution:

You can widen or narrow the width of the fixations. Just use the palm of your hands pushing them gently from the inside or towards the outside.

If your toilets are very large (more than 37cm) you can cut one of the fixations to fit the shape of the toilet and fit it between the two legs during 96 hours, the time for the shape to fit the seat. The legs of the seat are unbreakable, so you can force it to fit it to your toilets without any problem!

Use the Personalization module

To have an idea of all the possible combinations of colors & stickers and be able to choose what your Papado toilet seat will look like, we invite you to use our personalization module:

For the Classic Papado model module, click here.
For the Large Papado model module, click here..

Once you have chosen which one you would like, you will just need to follow the steps to get your own Papado toilet seat!