The made in France

At Papado’s, everything is French: the idea, the concept, the manufacturing & the delivery. And we are proud to say it loud and clear and it is very important to us.
You too can decide to trust in more sustainable trades, whether they are local, national or eco-friendly, here’s a list of French companies who deserve to be known:

Slip Français

Le Slip Français

The idea of Le slip Français started in the mind of entrepreneurs who were convinced it was time to change our way of producing & consuming. The objective: Reinvent the French textile industry. From the knitting to the fabrication, from the designing of the product itself or its packaging, the place the photoshoots took place, to the tags, to all the stages of the creation, everything is Made in France.

Le Cocarde Verte

La Cocarde Verte, meaning the green roundel, lists all the ecofriendly and recycled products for the whole family: clothes, bags, cosmetics, jewelry, games and toys, frames, lamps, table cloths, aprons, hot water bottles, etc…
It’s time for us to be responsible and be ecofriendly!
Cocarde Verte

Le Soulier Français

Le Soulier Français

Pioneer of the reindustrialization of luxury shoes in France.
Le Soulier Français is a project created by Priscille Demanche and Xavier Porot, founder of Ellips et Bichette women’s designer shoe brand.
Le Soulier Français took over the workshops of Stephane Kélian & Charles Jourdan, situated next to Romans-sur-Isère in 2015. More than just taking over the manufacturing methods, Le Soulier Français also took on all the craftsmen of both French companies with their unique skills. The company started its industrial activity in August 2015 and work for over ten makes and brands in the luxury designer market.
Le Soulier Français helps to promote Made in France by offering a new and personalized service accompanying designers in France with resourcing, management and marketing advise.


Forget black socks! Archiduchesse is our favorite, they offer over 40 colors and designs of socks and all that made in France! So renowned we don’t need to present them anymore, they are your wardrobe’s must-haves!

Made In France Box

Made In France Box

Made in France Box was invented to support local farmers and those who live from their passion.
The Made in France Box team has as mission every month to find the best products which are locally made and share their knowledge and the Made in France Art of living.
8 products are presented each month, along with a booklet which explains the box’ choices and the story behind each farmer, the description of the product but also the events of the month, an exclusive recipe and some good tips… all made in France!
And because the French gastronomy is known and renowned internationally, the box can be send all over the world.
A good thing to know for expats and French cuisine lovers!

La Trotteuse et Compagnie

Inspired by travelling and a passion for clocks, la Trotteuse (meaning the second hand) sprung from our desire to create our dream watch: one that we can wear every day, modern and casual at the same time and also responsibly made and with a fair price.
With a classy and casual design, la Trotteuse et Compagnie aims to get back to the basics of the wrist watch but mixing a simple 30s look with a fashionable urban style.
Change the bracelet in less than 10 seconds thanks to an easy-to-use closing system. Change as many times as you want from deep blue to a flashy coral, a casual black to a wild camel, in accordance to your outfit and mood of the moment.
La Trotteuse

Biotifull Box

La Biotifull Box

A beauty box which is made in France.
Useful and fun, this is all we need!
Every Biofyfull box contains at least 80 Euros of products, so you’re saving at least 50 percent on the price of the products.
The BIOTYFULL Box is delivered to your door once every month (if you choose to subscribe) or just the once (if you just want just the one).