Who are we?


The story behind Papado is different from all other stories. Maybe because it’s the story of a throne!

It’s in 2011 in Mortrée, a little village of Normandy, while Agnès was cleaning her toilets that the adventure began… Every time she cleaned them, she would wonder why their cleaning needed so much time and effort. Open the seat, wash the sides, become an acrobat to get to the different little corners and always end up unscrewing the whole thing to be sure that it would be all cleaned properly… So much effort to do every day!

So, why not change it and simplify life for thousands of users, Agnès had to think and create prototypes and develop a model toilet seat that would just clip on and which would not need any sort of attaching system to be stable. A real revolution for our comfort and the maintenance of our toilets!

This is why Agnès has won numerous prizes for the Papado toilet seat:

• Golden medal at Lepine contest
• Golden medal at European Fair or Strasbourg in 2013
• Golden medal at International Organization for Intellectual Property
• Golden medal at Paris Fair
• Best woman inventor prize in 2014 at First prize from the Fidealis Company

All these prizes attest to this being a useful and practical innovation, in its conception and also because it’s a 100% French made product, 100% recyclable!

déclinaison de couleurs de la lunette de toilette clipsable papado – invention et fabrication française – médaillé concour lépine


The movement was growing bit by bit, Arnaud – Agnes’ husband – decided to join her in 2015, becoming the company’s Sales Manager thus bringing his professional commercial experience to help her in her company.

Together, they decided to sell their product on the Internet and tour around France participating in all the commercial fairs to exhibit their innovative & ultra-hygienic toilet seat to private & professional clients. It was a success once again! The media and the consumer became interested in Papado. TV reports, interviews, demonstrations… They are now everywhere and their invention will revolutionize the cleaning of loos! Thanks to the Papado toilet seat, finished the rows over who gets to be the one to do the housework! The toilets are cleaned thoroughly in just 30 seconds. It couldn’t be easier!

The product became a success, the demand increased and they had to start developing and making the team bigger to be able to respect deliveries in time!

That’s when Agnès met Marion, who was looking for a contract in connection with in her Sales studies. They got on immediately and Marion joined the team for two years. Her job was to treat the internet orders while continuing her studies. Success! She obtained her diploma and decided to continue her studies by joining another company to broaden her experience. We wish her a lot of success, she deserves it. Marion was an important ally with whom we had a lot of pleasure working with!

Since August 2017, it’s Sandrine who deals really well with all web orders & the customer service. She is strongly appreciated by our clientele for her reactivity and her excellent sense of service, don’t hesitate to contact her on the or onservicecommercial@papado.fr for any questions.

Papado has been adopted on more than 50.000 toilets in France!

You can also join the Papado movement and bring to an end the hassle of toilet cleaning. You can choose to have an unbreakable and sustainable option, which is also more comfortable and easier to clean. The perfect throne to make you feel like royalty